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The Punjabi language is also spelled as Panjabi. It belongs to the Indo-Aryan subgroup of the Indo-European family of languages. It has a rich literary history that is still celebrated by the Punjabi community.

Just like other Indo-Aryan family languages, Punjabi is also developed in three main stages which are Indo-Aryan or Sanskrit, Middle Indo-Aryan and New Indo-Aryan. It is also believed that it is descendent of Sauraseni Prakrit; a medieval northern India language. And, it is said that during the 11th century, it is developed as a distinct language from the Shauraseni Apabhramsha language.

Punjabi is a tonal language as it uses multiple tones to differentiate the words which otherwise would appear same as one another. If we talk about the written Punjabi, it is written in a variety of scripts; the Perso-Arabic script and Gurmukhi script are the most common Punjabi scripts. The Gurmukhi alphabets developed in 16 century by Sikh Guru Angad to write scriptures.

Punjabi is an officially recognized language in India; in the Indian state of Punjab, it is used as an official language. It is the native language of Punjab; the majority of the Punjabi speaking population lives in the Punjab. In addition to Punjab, it is also spoken in the Punjab Province of Pakistan.

Today, there are two main varieties of this language; western (Lahnda) and eastern (Gurmukhi). Worldwide, there are around 88 million native Punjabi speakers; majority of them are in India, Pakistan and Canada. There are around 40 alphabets in Gurmukhi Punjabi and it is written from left to right like English and Hindi.

There is always a huge demand for Punjabi typists in the above-mentioned countries and states. People with knowledge of Punjabi typing or Punjabi typing tools can easily make their career in Punjabi typing in these countries.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the Punjabi typing or keyboard. If you have basic knowledge of computer, you can easily type Punjabi using a Punjabi typing tool. Such tools are easy to use and understand and come with various features, one such tool is Punjabi typing tool of JavaTpoint. It allows you use English alphabets to write Punjabi sentences and converts the English alphabets into Punjabi alphabets as you press the Spacebar. The sentence written in Punjabi using English alphabets turns into a Punjabi sentence. It also enables you save your content in Notepad, Microsoft word and to take the print out of the document.

So, English to Punjabi translation tool of JavaTpoint is suitable for people who generate content in Punjabi. Such people can be content writers, authors and journalist. Also, if one wants to create a Punjabi website, he or she can use this tool.