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Kannada is one of the popular and well known Dravidian languages which is as old as Tamil. It is the native language of Karnataka; the majority of the Kannada speaking population lives in Karnataka. In addition to Karnataka, it is also spoken in neighbouring states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

In addition to Indian states, Kannada speaking people can also be found in UAE, Singapore, Australia, USA and UK. Worldwide, there are around 35 million Kannada speaking people which make it the 27th most spoken language in the world. It is also counted among the official languages of India; it is the official language of the Indian state of Karnataka.

The initial development of the Kannada is similar to the other Dravidian languages. During initial development, it was not influenced by Sanskrit, but in later centuries, it was greatly influenced by Sanskrit in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and literary style. It is also found on one of the old Ashoka Rock edicts of 230 B.C.

The Kannada language script is syllabic. It is derived from the Brahmi script. It was standardized during 19th century due to the influence of Christian missionary organizations. It consists of forty-nine phonemic letters which are divided into three groups; Swaragalu, (vowels), the Vyanjanagalu (consonants) and Yogavaahakagalu (characters other than vowels and consonants). If we talk about the Kannada grammar, it has three genders (masculine, feminine, and neutral) and two numbers (singular and plural).

Kannada is also written from left to right like English or Hindi. People who know Kannada typing are always required in various public and private sector companies in Kannada speaking states. So, if you know the Kannada typing or know how to use Kannada typing tools, you can easily build your career as Kannada typist.

Don’t worry if you don’t know Kannada typing, if you have the basic understanding of computer and Microsoft word, you can easily type Kannada. There are various Kannada typing tools available online which are easy to use and understand e.g. Kannada typing tool of JavaTpoint. It allows you use English alphabets to write Kannada and converts the English alphabets into Kannada alphabets as you press the Spacebar. The sentence written in Kannada using English alphabets converts into a Kannada sentence.

It also allows you to save the content in Notepad, Microsoft word and take the print out of the same. Thus, JavaTpoint English to Kannada translation tool is useful for the people who write or type content in Kannada like bloggers, content writers, authors, etc.