Hindi Typing

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Hindi is constitutionally the first official language of India. The history of Hindi language has been considered almost a thousand years old. Hindi is the most spoken and understood language in India. Hindi is the most spoken sixth language in the world. Hindi is written from left to right in Devanagari script. It is also called 'Nagari', which contains 33 consonants and 11 vowels.

According to the calculation of the World Economic Forum, it is one of the ten powerful language of the world. According to the census of 2011 , Hindi was the local language of almost 42 million people. The prediction of scientists associated with language development sector is very satisfying for Hindi lovers, that in Hindi, Hindi will be the major language of the world at the time of the international importance.

In today's time, it is important that you need to know the computer, as much as you need to know the typing of Hindi. Now you might be thinking that typing is a very difficult task, especially typing in Hindi. In today's time, everybody who knows the computer, gets typing. It's good, maybe you do not know what kind of typing tool you're using.

This typing tool is a high-level and most popular tool for Hindi lovers. This typing tool works on Unicode technology. Unicode technology is displayed on the Internet and on the website Hindi or other languages, which has been quite advanced over time.

If you want to use your keyboard as a Hindi typewriter, this typing tool is very useful for you. With this help, more and more Hindi words can be typed in less time, as you type messages in mobile.

Typing in Hindi with this typing tool is very easy and easy to type. With the help of this typing tool you can type Hindi in a moment. You just need to press space bar by typing in the word of English, the text changes into Hindi.

This tool can also be used to convert or write English in any other language. This tool easily replaces Roman text (Roman text) in Unicode text (Unicode text) . For example, after typing the word "Hindustan" , pressing space bar will be written in the Devanagari script as 'Hindustan'.

If you want to type in English again, then you just have to press ctrl + g (to change from Hindi to English), by doing so the word will be changed into English. You can copy the name of any computer's name in Hindi by typing that text.

In simple terms, you can write in English and translate in Hindi or other languages.